apop Stone Glossary: 
Cubic Zirconia (CZ): A hard and durable gemstone created from synthetic materials and optically similar to pure diamonds
Lab Stones: Lab stones mimic all cosmetic qualities of a naturally mined stone however it is created in a lab atmosphere.
Marcasite: A mineral formed from iron pyrite characterized by sparkle and metallic color common in Victorian times
Quartz: An abundant mineral cool to the touch which comes in many shades including rose, olive, & amethyst
Onyx: A type of chalcedony quartz that is characterized by it's black color and beautiful shimmer
Opal: A glittering, iridescent stone that creates a rainbow effect and is associated with mystery & ancient myths 
Baroque Pearl: Irregularly shaped pearls, most commonly from the freshwater family
Cultured Freshwater Pearl: "The Favorite Pearl" These solid and durable pearls are farmed from freshwater mussels and are commonly available in a multitude of shapes and colors
Simulated: stone may be composed of resin, enamel, or various material treatments, it is not actual stone, but a simulated piece.
Please refer to product for specific material information.