Bib Necklace: Typically worn at the collar bone and decorated with fringe or beads
Bolo Tassel: Jewelry is tied in a loop and fastened with a metal or stone slide to leave two dangling ends
Choker Necklace: Snug fit around the collar bone, typically measuring no more than 16"
Collar Necklace: Similar to a choker, fits snug at the collar bone
Lariat Necklace: Necklace which is not clasped but instead knotted, looped or folded to create a unique design
Pendant Necklace: Chain featuring a pendant or charm which hangs longer than the necklace itself 

Stud Earrings: Simple and versatile earring choice that sit directly on the ear lobe
Huggie Earrings: Hoop earrings that are small and literally "hug" the ear
Knuckle Ring: Statement style ring covering the knuckle creating a dramatic effect

Coin Jewelry: A ring or earring featuring a stone that has a flat shape similar in appearance to a coin
Evil Eye: History rich magic charm that is believed to ward off evil spirts and sentiments 
Hamsa: Talisman said to provide the wearer with protection & bring them good luck
Sideways Cross: Cross symbol is turned sideways and included into the chain itself instead of hanging as a pendant

Baroque: An artistic jewelry style of or pertaining to the 17th century and late Renaissance (i.e bows, symmetry, enamel)
Macacos: Antique Spanish style of jewelry commonly featuring a blackened technique