apop nyc Metal Types:
For your convenience, actual materials and metals used are listed within each product description.
This information is provided to apop customers, by the apop team:

Sterling Silver: a soft, very malleable, and easily damaged so it is commonly combined with other metals to produce a more durable piece. 925 Sterling silver,  consists of 92.5 percent silver and 7.5 percent copper.
Rose Gold Vermeil: Sterling silver base metal dipped in rose gold
Yellow Gold Vermeil: Sterling silver base metal dipped in yellow gold 
Rose Gold-Dipped: Sterling silver base metal dipped in rose gold 
Rosy: may be sterling silver or stainless steel with rose goldtone finish.
Gold-Dipped: Sterling silver base metal dipped in yellow gold
Oxidized (Blackened) Silver: A non-lusterous, darker than usual silver that has a stunning black appearance. Process of oxidation occurs when silver bonds with oxygen which causes the jewelry to blacken. Oxidized silver is characterized by beautiful dark gray, almost black/blue tones.
Black Rhodium Plating (Blackened): Silver is dipped in black rhodium, a hard, and expensive member of the platinum family. rhodium plating is dark, mainly used to lower the likelihood of tarnishing and increase the oxidized silver's durability. 
Gunmetal Plating (Blackened): a gray toned black, with silver undertones. 
Stainless Steel: A steel alloy known for it's durable nature; often plated in rose or yellow gold
Goldtone Stainless Steel: Stainless Steel base metal with goldtone dipped finish.
Rose Goldtone Stainless Steel: Stainless steel base metal with rose goldtone dipped finish.
apop nyc metal finishes:

Hammered: Metal appears to have been hammered which creates multiple faces and thus increases light reflection on the jewelry
Matte: Metal is brushed to produce small lines giving the material a unique texture
Polished: A shiny and reflective finish that has mirror-like characteristics
Satin: A beautiful pearl-like, matte finish created when metal is polished with a wire brush
*We recommend keeping all plated items away from moisture to maintain a longer natural finish